Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How to get custom URL for your Google+ profile or page 2018

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To get custom URL for your Google Plus profile has become a bit difficult after the Google's Changes in requirements for Custom URL eligibility on January 2, 2014. The method that we are going to discuss in this article works it same for both your Google+ profiles and Google+ Brand pages. However, let me explain first….

What is a custom URL?

Custom URL is a unique, short, and easy to remember web address for your Google+ profile that links directly to your profile or page. So, for example, My Urdu Blogger can direct people to google.com/+myurdublogger to get to their page rather than https://plus.google.com/101682363986581843856.

Why you need a custom URL?

A custom URL makes it easier for people to find your profile on the internet. Usually, when you create your account, Google+ used a long ID at the end of URL, which is hard for people to remember. That is why you need to create a custom URL for your account. Google+ custom URL lets you quickly point folks to your profile or page (no more long URLs!)

How to get a custom URL for a Google+ Profile

You can create a custom URL to make a short, easy memorable web address for your Google+ profile. Before claiming your custom URL, you must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply for a custom URL. There are only some requirements to keep in mind when you are trying to get a custom URL. If you are having trouble, make sure:
  • You must have minimum ten or more followers (people who have added you to their circles)
  • Your account must be at least one month old
  • You have uploaded a profile picture/avatar
  • Your profile has a cover photo (optional)
  • There should not be any strike on your account
  • Your account is in good standing
I am 100% sure you will get a custom URL if you meet the requirements mentioned above.

Check to see if Your Google+ Profile or Page is Eligible for a Custom URL and Claim it

Log in to your account and go to profile you will see a dark gray bar saying “Your profile qualifies for a custom URL [Claim URL] under your account’s cover photo. Click on [Claim URL]
According to your Profile name, Google+ team automatically assign a custom URL for you that is called preapproved URL. If you like, that URL you can accept it. If you need something different, you can request a new one. Just place some suffix character next to your preapproved URL. Check the box I agree to the Terms of Service. Before click on save URL make sure you have read Terms of Service Carefully and click on SAVE URL.
Popup messages will appear saying Are you sure; you want to change your public URL:
Once you this confirm custom URL, you can’t change it again or transfer the URL to someone else.
Click on confirm URL if you are happy with your selected URL.
 Congratulation you have successfully claimed vanity URL for your Google Plus profile or page.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to setup custom domain name on blogger with GaDaddy

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When you create a blog on Blogger.com, you usually get a subdomain name like (site.blogspot.com), and this is what we call as a free domain name. Where as a custom domain name is something like site.com. A good example is MyUrduBlogger.com.com, which is a top level (TLD) domain name.

Complete Guide to Setup custom domain with your Blogger blog:

To replace your custom domain name with subdomain blogpost.com first you need to register a top-level domain name. Registration charger of a domain name is only a few dollars. I register my domain name with only $11. Click here to learn how to register a domain name on GoDaddy.

After completing registration process login to your blogger account go to Setting > Basics you will see a Blog Address option under Publishing section. Click on +setup a 3rd party URL for your blog

Note: Make sure you entered your domain name including www like this screenshot.
Now click on save you will see an error saying, “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12...” and you will get some instruction to configure given CNAME record (See below screenshot)
Now login to your domain name control panel selects a domain that you have purchased recently. Click on DNS
Click on Add button to add a new record according to given instruction
  • Type:      CNAME (Alias)
  • Host:      WWW
  • Point to:  ghs.google.com
  • TLL:       Default or 1Hours

Save this record, click on Add another, and configure this record like this screenshot.
Almost you are done click on finish. You are only one-step closer to complete your work. You need just to add 4 I.P. into you A record (See above screenshot for better understanding).
 Same as add four A record with given I.Ps.
Same as add four A record with given I.Ps.
Last thing you need to do. For example, if someone types xxx.com and hit enter He/She will see an error to prevent from this mistake once again log in to your blogger account go Setting > Basics > Publishing > Blog Address, click on edit and check the option which says “Redirect domain.com to www.domain.com”

Sunday, August 6, 2017

How to Add Contact Us Form in blogger static page instead of sidebar

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Contact us form for blogger page
Contact us page is essential for a blog or website. One of the blogger limitations is that blogger did not give you a contact us page. Blogger launched it official Contact Us Form, but you can use it only in the sidebar or in the footer. If you do not want to add the contact us form to your Blog’s sidebar but want it to appear on a Separate particular page, then this tutorial will help you out. You can make it manually if you have knowledge of HTML, CSS and java script. However, it is not likely for everyone to learn HTML, CSS and java script. I found a solution for this purpose.
Move the Blogger Contact us Form from sidebar to a static Page
Follow instructions given below to move the Contact Form to a separate single page see a live demo of that contact us form.

1. Go to foxyform.com provide accurate information in all field as shown below.

Simple contact us form for blogger static page
2. Setting: in this section, you will choose required options for your website. You can make a field either required or optional to see a full list of options click on "Show further option" which you can include in your contact us form.

3. Advanced setting: Customize your forms font style, size, and color.

4. Target e-mail address: This is very important here type your e-mail on which you want to receive Mails from users. Make sure target e-mail is okay.

Next, verify you are not a robot by completing anti-spam protection captcha. You can also check a preview of you contact form at the end of the page. Finally, click on Create Farmular. You will redirect to like this screenshot.
Blogger contact us form HTML code

Copy the whole code this is a java script please do not make any changes in this.
Go to Blogger.com create a new page write page title "Contact Us" and disable comments. Switch to HTML mode and paste java script here publish your page.

Some Pre answered questions.

Question #1: Why I need a Contact Form?
Adding a Contact Us Form give a more professional look and make easy for users to communicate with you. They need just fill out some necessary information in the contact form, and just press send. That makes it so easy for them. It is also useful to the blog admins, as they do not have to expose their email address on your blog.

Question #2: Why not have it on the sidebar?
Because the user can send you (owner) feedback, suggestions, and queries without opening up an email application like Gmail/Hotmail, and so forth. Another point blogger provides a contact form widget, which you can add in sidebar or footer. However, it not good, for user experiences it loads with every page which user visit on your site. Most visitors did not need it. Therefore, it is not necessary for every time. It makes loading speed slow.

Question #3: Can we add some extra fields to the Blogger Contact Form?
Yes, I have already explained that you can add many additional fields according to your needs.

Question #4: Does this form have any impacts on SEO?
No, this is 100% SEO optimized.

Question #5: Is this safe from SPAM?
No doubt, yes 100% free from Spam. This script is included with Google reCAPTCHA anti-spam protection.
Question #6: Where will messages be delivered?
All messages that user send you through contact form will be forwarded to email, which you have you to create this script.
Question #7: why Contact Form is not sending the message?
If you are facing a trouble or have further questions, please feel free to ask us by using our support service.

Monday, July 31, 2017

How to Register a Domain Name on GoDaddy

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Godaddy is world’s #1 domain name registrar company. I am using their service for last three year. Moreover, also recommend for you. They offer domain name registration service at a meager price. If you are a new customer, you can register a new domain name in just Rs.99 or $0.99 for the first year and Rs.1000 or $10 for the next every year. Before resisting domain, there are some key thing keep them in mind and follow them.

Recommendation to choose the best Domain Name

  1. Keep it short under 12 to 14 characters
  2. Easy to remember and type
  3. Use keyword in it
  4. Use only alphabetic character
  5. .com is the best extension, therefore, pick it
  6. Keep simple
  7. Avoid using double letter
  8. Make it Long Tail
I hope you are feeling happy. Bear in mind all point given above. Okay let’s start now, first of all, go to www.godaddy.com
how to register a domin name with godaddy
Type your desired domain in the search bar and hit enter or click on search to check availability. If it is not available, try a different with some changes. When you find an available domain click on add to cart button.
add to card your doamin

By default, GoDaddy includes some other product like web hosting, registration privacy removes all of them and click on continue to cart button. Finally, you will be redirected proceed to the checkout page to place your order click on continue to checkout button.

buy a domain name
Log in to your account. Moreover, if you are a new customer then click on create an account provide your information and sign up your account.

log in to you godaddy account or sign up a new
Now it is time to pay charges to your registrar of registration fees. Registration changes depend upon period which you select. I am registering for one year you can choose two or more according to your budget. In Pakistan, you can pay only with a debit or credit card, but in some other countries like USA and India, you can pay with your bank account directly. I am in Pakistan. Therefore, I will pay with my Debit VISA card that is issued me by my bank service provider.

A billing address is required please provide your real home address. Type you 16 digit card number, security code, and card holder name and click on the place you order and wait for a few seconds to complete payment processing. A confirmation message will appear, thank you.
thank you by godaddy

Okay, you have successfully learned how to register a domain name with GoDaddy. Soon as quickly I will publish a post how to add the custom domain in blogger blog. Please share this post with your friends and other if you feel it is helpful.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to activate your Payoneer Master Card

July 26, 2017 3
When you received Payoneer Master Card, you need to activate it first to use it. Do you want to know how to enable it? There is a quick tutorial about this matter. You may not be eligible for receive, withdraw payments or shopping online with this until you did not activate it.

 After completing the sign-up process, Payoneer sends a card to your shipping address. They also mention estimated arriving date in your account. Typically it takes 20-25 days.When you collect your Payoneer Master Card, it will cover under an envelope. Open it and read all instructions carefully. Here is a sixteen digit code on the card. You will use this number for activation purpose. There are three ways to activate your card first one by login to your account. Second, install the Payoneer app on Smartphone and then scan QR code that came with your parcel. This app is available for both modern operating system Android and iOS. You can download this app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store free of cost. Thirdly, by a call on numbers that are placed on the instruction page. Here I am activating mine card using web means by login into my Payoneer account follow me. It is an easy, fast and free method.

First of all, go to myaccount.payoneer.com type your email address and password and login to your account. You will see an orange color button Activate click on this button if you could not found this option. Move your cursor toward Setting at the end of the drop-down menu click on Activate card. It will redirect you to activation page like this snapshot.
How to activate your Payoneer Master Card

In the first box enter 16 digit card numbers. In other two boxes type a four digit PIN code make sure you have entered same PIN code in both fields. You will require this PIN code to withdraw your payments with ATM. I advise you to choose a pin code which is easy to remember for you and difficult to guess for others. Finally, click on Activate.
activate your Payoneer Master Card

A confirmation message will appear “Your card has been activated successfully.” Keep in mind your Payoneer Master Card is prepaid means you need to load it first with funds before its uses.

A Little Advice

If the order did not arrive by estimated date, please wait a bit more. Make sure during signing up you have provided a postal address where the Mail came easily. Later connect to Payoneer Support Team share your issue with them. They will issue a new card, and you will receive it as soon as possible. Secondly, never try to insert your card in ATMs machines if it has no balance. Because due to security reasons some ATMs machine may grab your card if it has zero balance.