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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to setup custom domain name on blogger with GaDaddy

September 12, 2017 3
When you create a blog on, you usually get a subdomain name like (, and this is what we call as a free domain name. Where as a custom domain name is something like A good example is, which is a top level (TLD) domain name.

Complete Guide to Setup custom domain with your Blogger blog:

To replace your custom domain name with subdomain first you need to register a top-level domain name. Registration charger of a domain name is only a few dollars. I register my domain name with only $11. Click here to learn how to register a domain name on GoDaddy.

After completing registration process login to your blogger account go to Setting > Basics you will see a Blog Address option under Publishing section. Click on +setup a 3rd party URL for your blog

Note: Make sure you entered your domain name including www like this screenshot.
Now click on save you will see an error saying, “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12...” and you will get some instruction to configure given CNAME record (See below screenshot)
Now login to your domain name control panel selects a domain that you have purchased recently. Click on DNS
Click on Add button to add a new record according to given instruction
  • Type:      CNAME (Alias)
  • Host:      WWW
  • Point to:
  • TLL:       Default or 1Hours

Save this record, click on Add another, and configure this record like this screenshot.
Almost you are done click on finish. You are only one-step closer to complete your work. You need just to add 4 I.P. into you A record (See above screenshot for better understanding).
 Same as add four A record with given I.Ps.
Same as add four A record with given I.Ps.
Last thing you need to do. For example, if someone types and hit enter He/She will see an error to prevent from this mistake once again log in to your blogger account go Setting > Basics > Publishing > Blog Address, click on edit and check the option which says “Redirect to”