Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Things that really Matters to get Google Adsense account Approval

AdSense is one of the best sources to earn money from internet. AdSense is a pay per click (PPC) advertising program that allows to the publisher to make money by showing ads relevant to the content on their site. If you have a website or blog and want to earn money, you can apply for a Google AdSense account. If you do not have, you can create a free using Blogger. Google AdSense is available with different Ads types and size. Usually, you can apply for Google AdSense if you have a Google account. If you have not, then create new and use with that account. However, there are some Key things, which are you need before to apply. I have written a comprehensive detail of this stuff one by one.

Domain Name

It is the first thing that increases your chances of getting approval for Google AdSense. Choose a top-level domain name with extension like .com, .net or .org. Make sure your domain name is at least six months old. It means your site should also be six months old. Another point keeps your domain short under 12 character. Use your root domain to apply is an ideal example of the root domain and is an example of the subdomain. Never apply with free or subdomains like Subdomains do not work easily. Some people try with a free top-level domain like .tk, .ml, etc. keep in mind if you use this type of domain the AdSense reviewer may consider you as a scammer. That is why I highly recommend you to buy a top-level domain name. The price of registering a domain name is only a few dollars. Learn how to register a domain name on GoDaddy with $1.

Site/Blog Design

Make a bright and clean design of your blog or website. Your website should be user-friendly and mobile responsive. Your blog should be load fast. Make sure your site has a sidebar and footer. Make sure there is enough space on your site for advertisement.

Create Important Pages

You need to create some important subpages for your site like
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy policy
  •  Disclaimer
  •  Terms of usage

About us: Explain who are you and your story. Write about your blog’s services and make website mission clear on this page. Check mine About Us Page.

Contact us: How user can contact you. Use a contact us form or your Email address so they can contact you easily. Also, link your social links with this page.

Privacy policy: Make a privacy of your site according to your services and publish it on this page

Disclaimer: This is optional, but it is better if you want to use AdSense on your blog. Explain warranty and accuracy of content. You have right to remove or modify content on the site.

Terms of Usage: Tell to the user how they can use and behave with your blog.


Your content is king. Yes, I believe that content is the most important thing to get approval. Make sure your blog or site has minimum 50 posts and every post consist of 600 to 1000 words. Never try to copy and paste other’s article. Make sure your content 100% unique and informative. Some people use rewriting tools online. They copy content from other’s blog, or website rewrites it and publishes on their blogs. Using this method, you may get approved but keep in mind that your AdSense account may get banned in future if Google found any illegal activity on your website. Google hate from adult content. Never use pornography, hate speeches, hacking tips tricks.

Traffic/ Traffic source

Does traffic matters to get approval for Google AdSense. My answer is no you can get approval even if you have ten visitors daily. However, there is a good option if there are 30-50 people who visit your blog daily. Google hates paid traffic never participates in paid traffic. Try to drive traffic toward your blog from search engines, social media, and similar sites.

Domain specific Email

Register a domain name and create a domain specific email address. is an example of domain specific email. Use that email to apply for Google AdSense. This method increases your chances to get approval fast. There are two ways to create domain name specific email address first one is free and recommended and second is paid. I have tried to explain both of them.

Email forwarding (Recommended)

This method is free of cost, and almost all domain name registrars provide email-forwarding service. You can create a domain specific Email and set it to forwarding on your Gmail or another email. All email will be forward to your Gmail’s inbox.

Google Apps (Second Method)

It is paid service of Google. You can create easily a domain name specific email using Google Apps service.

Your Age: Make Sure you’re 18+

It is one of the big mistakes that new bloggers are making who are fewer than 18. They provide incorrect age and get into trouble. Use your real date of birth while applying for Google AdSense account. Google AdSense only allows people to participate in their program who are 18+. It means not that you cannot participate in AdSense if you under 18. You can use one of your parents Google account; payments will go on their name.

A Little Advice

I found many of peoples searching around the internet and Google like these terms
  • How to get Google AdSense Account Approval?
  • Tricks to get approval for Google AdSense?
There is no trick for this. You need hard work and be honest. Here are some key things that do matters to get approval. I mentioned earlier and explained these things one by one above on this post. If you follow them, I give 100% guaranty you will get approval easily.


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