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MyUrduBlogger is a Blogger resource blog on which we publish high quality and helpful articles on a daily basis. Here are some best topics that we cover in these articles.
  • Make Money Online
  • Web Development
  • Beginners Guide to Blogging
  • Blogger Widgets
  • SEO Guide
  • Blog Designing
These are only some Feature categories we also write a lot on many other topics related to Blogging. Most of the users on this blog come from India and Pakistan. All of them are not know well English that is why we use simple language to the better understanding of them.

About the "Author" Man behind MUB

Ehtisham Muhammad
Ehtisham Muhammad is a twenty-year-old young boy who loves to write high-quality content using his experiences and expertise. He always attempts his best to write short but informative. He is an experienced Blogger, SEO Expert, and Web Developer.

Ehtisham started blogging in August 2017 just after over the examination of B.Sc Bachelor of science which was held in April 2017. Muhammad is not much expert and intelligent, but he is a very hard working man and an adviser for new bloggers. Stay connected with him by following him on social media profiles.